Gameday Gum is a new bubblegum brand that started in Colorado in the spring of 2019.  It’s the first new gum brand targeting youth sports to enter into the market in many years.  There are many differences which make Gameday Gum a superior product. 

First, the flavor is a blend of bubblegum and fruit that lasts a long time!  The Bubblegum also produces very large bubbles which many still find fun, no matter the age.  Our character on each package of gum is Rakin’ Rick and our tagline is “Playing the game the right way”. 

This Fundraiser represents a quick-and-easy way for youth sports players to fundraise for their playing costs.  First, the product is awesome and everyone will enjoy the Bubblegum.  Next, for every $30 (12 pack) you sell we will give $12, back to you!  There are no forms to fill out, and no need to sell this door-to-door!  We’ve create an easy link for you to send to friends and family.  We’ve also made it easy for you to share this fundraiser on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook!

The next selling cycle is from November 26th-December 21st.  At the end of the selling cycle we will report back to you how many orders you received, who placed the order, their contact information and the amount we will be paying you!  We will then arrange a time when you can pick up your bubblegum orders from our facility in Parker, CO.  You will be in charge of distributing the gum to your customers.  We are offering direct shipping to customers at an additional cost. This option is available at checkout.

About the Gum:

  • Gameday Gum is the official partner of the Colorado Rockies professional baseball club.  Our gum is sold via Aramark in the concessions stands at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado.  In addition, our bubblegum is displayed and distributed to MLB players in both the home and visitors dugouts.  This is providing us with direct access to MLB players who are chewing our gum and providing us with positive feedback.  We are also using the content we get from this via MLB player engagement on social media to further drive our brand awareness.
  • Gameday Gum was sold at the 2019 MLB All Star Game in Cleveland.  This provided our brand with significant exposure on the national scene and enables us to capture great content for our social media channels.
  • Gameday Gum is currently sold on Amazon for $2.50 per packet or $30.00 per display case of 12.

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