Rakin Rick is the official spokesperson of Gameday Gum, and he is an ambassador of “Playing the Game the Right Way!”

From interviews and insight to what life in the big leagues is like, to in-depth analysis on breaking down swings, and much more, Rakin Rick covers it all!

In real-life, Rakin’ Rick played baseball at the DI level for OU, and works as a hitting instructor for Gameday Baseball in Parker Colorado.

Gameday Gum and Rakin’ Rick are committed to furthering the game of baseball through the amazing people and stories that make baseball the greatest game on earth!

Look for Rakin’ Rick at major sporting events aound the MLB, like Spring Training, the All Star Game, and much more. He’ll be sporting the official jersey of Gameday Gum, and passing out/autographing official Rakin’ Rick Baseball Cards!

Be sure to check out all the photos/videos/stories with Rakin’ Rick by visiting our social media page!

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