1. Everything is handled electronically!  There is no exchange of money as orders are processed online and with a credit card.  Selling should also be done electronically.  You should copy and paste this link: and email it to your friends, co-workers and family members!
  2. Share your Fundraising Link across your social media channels!  This may be the most effective way of selling the gum.  When you share the link on Facebook, for example, it will share via a post on your page so all of your friends can see. EXAMPLE: 

    Simply hit the appropriate share button on the top of the page, and share it to your news feed or story as a post! -Be creative with your description, with something like, “Please support (participants name) by purchasing Gameday Gum! We’ll get $12 from every sale, and it will help the (participants team name)! This is a great fundraiser to support the kids.”

  3. Make sure when selling the gum people know that they should mention your players name in the space provided on the sales form.  This is how you are given credit for each sale.
  4. Each selling cycle is only 2 weeks long so it’s important to keep consistently selling the product up until the end date.  It’s always helpful to post a few times a week and email people at least twice with the offer to support your fundraising efforts for your player.
  5. Even though this is an all-electronic fundraiser it doesn’t mean that you can’t deploy some “old school” selling tactics.  Gameday Gum can be sold the old fashioned way, by printing out our convenient order form and selling it door to door. Just fill-out the contact information and the quantity they want to purchase.  The player collects the cash/check payments, and then they turn in their order sheets! -We take it from there, and arrange for a bubblegum drop-off date!
  6. Be sure you mention the Fundraising end date of (2 weeks from your fundraiser start date).  When people buy gum to support your fundraiser they have an option at check-out.  They can either pay to have the gum shipped to them or you will be in charge of delivering it to them upon the closing of the fundraising period.  We will communicate with you as to who has purchased the gum, the quantity and their address.  We will arrange a time for you to pick up all of the gum you sold and then it’s up to you to distribute it to the people who purchased it.
  7. Have fun with this!  This fundraiser is an easy way to make some serious $$$.   Sell it to coaches for their team(s) , sell it to other kids who play sports…everyone loves Bubblegum…and, it’s what the Colorado Rockies chew in their dugout!



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